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Big News! Research Project now underway to compare hydrosol samples of manuka and kanuka from around New Zealand- and you can help!

I am really excited to be getting this project under way which has been in my head for a few years now, since I completed my Doctorate exploring the therapeutic benefits of Manuka and Kanuka essential oils. Doing any sort of research is costly, and as one private individual who is not attached to an organisation, it is sadly beyond my means. However I believe passionate in trying to understand more about our NZ natives and the ability in people being able to perhaps use and produce their hydrosols. It is well known that chemical composition of essential oils of Manuka does vary around NZ, but to my knowledge there has been no comprehensive analysis of the hydrosols. Below is my full research proposal-and it help fund this project I am having to put my cap out to the wider aromatic community to support it. Donations (anything from $1) can be made via  Give-a-little page set up expressively for this. The full details are here I would l