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Christmas 2014 Lavender Farm Visit

Seasons Greetings! Here in NZ we are in the start of early summer and it really has not been a good start with cold weather, lots of wind and lots of rain! I met with Thomas Reisinger, owner at Lavender Impressions Lavender Farm in Manakau (Levin) today, 22/12/14. the day had been overcast with a light shower so gumboots were the order of the day as we walked around the fields! I had a visitor from Germany, Professor Bernhard Goebel, a soil scientist, who was very interested in seeing the organic lavender cultivations. the following are some snapshots of out visit. I hope you enjoy them. Hydrosols can be bought direct from the farm in 1 or 20 litre volumes  or Wendy sells in 1, 2 and 5 litre volumes. hydrosols purcahsed this way are the freshest and can last for up to 2 years. Lavender impressions selss oils from 10 ml upwards including bulk wholesale. Lavandin super _Lavandula intermedia (low camphor). These are about 6 weeks away from harvest- (approx 2/52 later than normal

Harakeke-NZ Flax-An iconic Plant

Harakeke, Phormium tenax , isn't exactly an aromatic plant, but it does have plenty of healing properties. Nothing screams out 'New Zealand' more than an image of our native flax in flower! Further background about the plant can be found here Currently I am surrounded by a variety of them in my garden- planted as short a time as two years ago and they all have swung into a tremendous flowering action, some with spikes almost 3 metres tall. Like a triffid the spikes seem to appear almost over night.  My plants have a number of very practical uses- firstly to assist with drainage of a heavy clay soil with a high water table; secondly for shelter and privacy; thridly to attract more nativve birds (like our TUI ) who feast of the nectar; and lastly (but by no means least) I collect the seeds and use as a co distillation with lavender hydrosol to incorporate into products.   The uses of flax historically is entrenched in Maori culture and history, and early Maori could not be

Aromatic Adventures Summer Workshops 2014

Aromatic Adventures is offering a selection of summer workshops for aroma enthusiasts. Each workshop is held in our personal teaching/production lab based in semi rural Palmerston North. there is plenty of parking. All workshops have been prepared and are taught by Dr. Wendy Maddocks (RN, DHlthSC) (previously Dr. Wendy Maddocks-Jennings) who has been involved in aromatic and health education for over 20 years and holds a Doctorate in Health Science, researching the use is essential oils in radiotherapy reactions. Wendy runs a natural product company called From Nature Ltd (Previously MJ Health Ltd), which specialises in Natural Skin Care. Currently six workshops have been developed-each workshop is a stand alone workshop and no prior knowledge is needed.  Each work shop includes: Small group hands on tuition (4-6 people per workshop) All learning materials needed including an e-book sent after the class Take home products as specified Email contact with Wendy after the worksh